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Construction of new Shankill Women's Centre in Lanark Way

Construction sign for Shankill Shared Women's Centre funded by SEUPB Peace IV

The purpose-built centre for women and their families in Lanark Way will be the new home for Shankill Women’s Centre. The aim of the new building is to create a welcoming, safe, and accessible space to provide much needed support and resources.

For over 35+ years the Shankill Women’s Centre has provided education, training, health awareness, childcare, empowerment for young people, activities for women and encouraged women to build relationships in the community. The new building will be an incredible asset for the local community and will be shared and open to women from all community backgrounds throughout Belfast and beyond.

Betty Carlisle MBE, CEO of the Shankill Women’s Centre, said: “After many long years of hard work, I’m delighted on the progress of the new Centre and we are excited to be able to expand and create new services to support all women. I look forward to seeing the transformation of this site over the next few months and the impact it will have on connecting women, young women, and children with our services.’’

Construction is underway, with an estimated opening date in Spring 2024.


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