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Volunteer with us

The aim of our volunteering project is to bring together women with the common aim of volunteering, and provide training to build their confidence which will allow them to give back to the organisation and the community.

Funded by:

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"A space to educate, empower and enhance the well-being of women and their families."

Training offered to Volunteers

Some of the training offered to volunteers includes:


  • Emergency First Aid

  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults 

  • Child Protection

  • Health & Safety

  • Food & Hygiene


  • Awareness Workshops


Other opportunities for women in the volunteering project included completing OCN qualifications in Community Development and Conflict Resolution, personal development programmes, and team-building days and activities.

The women will be given the opportunity to choose their volunteer role, anything from admin duties to befriending new service users. Allocated volunteer roles will be organised by the project co-ordinator.

Want to volunteer?

Email: or click below to fill-in our form.

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