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What we do

Shankill Shared Women's Centre runs a number of projects for women in the North & West Belfast and beyond to provide training, health awareness, childcare and young women's activities.

Enrolments across our educational & women's network courses.
Young Women take part in our empowered programme.
Women registered for health & wellbeing activities.
Women taking part in Change Makers & political programmes.
Women registered as loyal volunteers.

This project is comprised of three educational sub-projects: Connect 4 Women, Women Breaking Barriers, and Good Relations Classes. 


This course focused on introducing politics in a simple and easy way to women aged 18-35 living in North and West Belfast.

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We offer childcare for children three months to pre-nursery age to support working parents who engage with our programmes.


Positive mental, physical and emotion health and well-being through classes, courses and activities.

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Supporting young women (15–25 years old living in North and West Belfast) through personal development programmes.


The network supports women to congregate, network, share resources, work, and learn together.

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This fun programme uses discussions, group work and fun activities to tackle important issues such as relationships, peer pressure, risky behaviour, contraception, STIs, and teenage pregnancy.

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