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Small Wonders Daycare

Small Wonders is a childcare setting that has been operating in the Lower Shankill area for fifteen years.


We provide a safe, secure, and stimulating environment for the children who attend our setting and give children the opportunity to play, learn, have fun, and socialise with children around the same age.

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Small Wonders Childcare Unit

​Small Wonders have bright, spacious rooms with the high quality age appropriate equipment and materials. 


We work in close partnership with our parents and carers to ensure that the highest quality of care is always given to the individual needs of the children.


We work closely with the Belfast Trust and the women’s support network to provide sponsored places to children most in need. We have children from all communities attending our facilities.


Over 50+ are registered at Small Wonders I on Craven Street, with the waiting list for up to a year.


We have nineteen staff employed who are all dedicated to providing the best environment and care for the children. We provide our staff with training to promote their own professional development which in turn has an impact on the learning and development of the children in our care.


Opportunities for off-site activities are embraced and we believe that they make an invaluable contribution to the development of the children in our care.


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday  

8.30am - 5.30pm


4-8 Craven Street

Belfast BT13 1JJ


If you would like further information about the Small Wonders Childcare, please contact us on 028 9026 8090.

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