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Small Wonders After-schools

Small Wonders is a childcare setting that has been operating in the Lower Shankill area for fifteen years.


We provide a safe, secure, and stimulating environment for the children who attend our setting and give children the opportunity to play, learn, have fun, and socialise with children around the same age.

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Small Wonders
After-schools Unit

​Our afterschool club is situated on Morpeth Street, designed to allow children aged 5 - 11 years a place to have fun and relax.


We offer a wide range of activities and outings so children have a home away from home, and an atmosphere for conducive to learning, a space for work and with relevant materials to support them.

Homework is only one of the many activities which is carried out within the Afterschool. Support and encouragement will be given to the children when completing their homework. The ethos of the setting is to provide children with recreational activities that allow for relaxation after their day at school.


Children engage in fun arts and crafts activities, cooking, outdoor play and organised outings, drama and role play, individual and group board games, computers, music and dance, group projects and many more.


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday  



17 Morpeth St

Belfast BT13 2HZ

If you would like further information about the Small Wonders After-schools, please contact us on 
+44 28 9026 8090.

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